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  • “Fun unrelated facts about the meaning of Valley

    Valley is a common phrase used when referring to the American social elite, first surfacing from Southern Californian the phrase particularly best describes the Valley Girls.  This stereotype originated in the 1970s and peaked during the 1980s.  It became a national craze in America for a brief period even developing its own slang words which became known as Valspeak.  Elements of it can be found in the English language today, used mainly as a conversation filler, such as “like”, “way”, “as if”, “totally” and “duh”.   Valspeak can be heard in the following films Clueless, Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey and Waynes World.

    A Valley girl is a term applied to girls living in affluent neighbourhoods in America, much like Chingford.  A Valley girl is materialistic, self conscious, attractive and very well groomed.  So when we came upon our salon’s location “Valleyside” and being familiar with the term Valley, we thought it would be amusing to call our salon ‘Valley’ and we hope you see the humour in it!  After all, secretly we all have a little bit of a Valley Girl inside of us… Shhhhh…

Meet Our Team

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    — The Mother

    My  name is Sharon and I am a fan of grooming!  I have a BSc(Hons) in Social Sciences and have been working in central London since 1984 and every weekend I dedicate 25% of my weekend to getting my hair done, nails, waxing, and facials.   I see this dedication to my appearance as an investment in my career and I imagine many women are like me.   I have seen it up close and personal, the way you present yourself eases your path to career success.  I am now a Managing Director in my career.   I have known Iliana for six years, she is very talented and meticulous which is why I cannot think of any one more well positioned to oversee our new venture together.  My daughter Tanya, is bubbling with enthusiasm  and has lots of ideas.   We plan to build an efficiently, well run customer focused business that will grow from strength to strength.

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    — Daughter

    I have an enthusiasm for make-up artistry.  Whilst at University I worked part time as a Consultant with Clinique and I am a qualified bridal makeup artist.  I love to create a look that will make someone feel special and get an impact from others!   I have a BA (Hons) in Business Management and work in central London in sports media.  Like my Mother I believe that personal grooming is the key to success but I grew tired of going into salons that were badly managed and had an unwelcoming atmosphere.  Every visit should be treat.  My Mother and I will build a professional well managed business that will make every visit a pleasure for all our customers.

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    — Lead Stylist

    My name is Iliana and I am a hairdresser.  I love what I do!  I have a passion for hair, styling it, cutting it, colouring it nothing pleases me more than to work on someone’s hair and then stand back and watch the smile on their face.   I attended university in Bulgaria reading literature and although I thoroughly enjoyed my subject choice it seemed that I wanted something more.   I came to England in 1996 and set about learning about the beauty trade but soon it became clear to me that my real love was working with hair. I am a qualified Level III hairdresser and I hope to welcome you to our salon where you will be greeted warmly, in a clean environment.  We promise to listen to your requirements before setting about creating that special look for you whether it be a look for a special occasion or a look for everyday wear.