21 Styles for Thick Hair

Do you have more hair than you can bear? We’re up to the challenge of getting all those tresses in line! Here are 21 great haircuts with styling how-tos that will help you and that thick hair of yours feel sensational.
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This fun style is all about lift and separation. Volume and texture bring this pixie to life!


How to Style:

  1. Spray a texturizing spray throughout hair, concentrating at the roots.
  2. Use fingers to tousle hair while blowing dry. Aim air stream at the root of hair and lift to create volume in the crown.
  3. Finish with a medium shine texturizing paste to add definition.

Recommended Products:

Sebastian Texturizer is a protein liquigel that builds a foundation for excellent hold with a soft feel. Redken Tousle Whip 04 Soft Texturizing Cream-Wax separates with a matte-satin finish.

Best Face Shapes:

oval, pear, round
Read more at http://www.latest-hairstyles.com/trends/thick.html

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